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Increase your business success in international trade with the vision, experience and quality of Chromit-Erz. 

The foundation of your success.


Chromit-Erz lays the cornerstone for your competitive advantage and the functioning of the operational processes throughout the whole group.

Always be a step ahead.


The innovative strategy consulting enables you to set yourself apart from competitors and secure your place in the international markets. The strategy compass of Chromit-Erz gives the right impulses. Visionary tailored Solutions set the course for your global success story.

The pioneering orientation of your business venture is of fundamental importance. The focus is put on the substantial factors of the company; money, time and resources. Taking these into consideration, we optimize for you the crucial business areas of the relevant customs and trade processes.

Take the opportunity, connect with us, and benefit from the experience of your foreign trade experts.


Reach your goal directly.


Business success based on customer satisfaction correlates with high delivery reability, punctuality and reliability. Operational customs handling must not become an unpredictable steeplechase. Therefore, planning security and predictability are basic elements of daily customs handling.

With legally watertight expertise and practical know-how of Chromit-Erz´ customs experts your customs handling becomes the business driver within the company. Valuable resources of the company will be saved at the same time. Legitimate and compliant filing of the customs declaration prevents costly adjustments, time-consuming inquiries and follow-ups as well as objections by the customs inspector. 


The Supreme Discipline.


Maximum liberty in cross-border trade by more certainty managing customs regulations. 

Exploit benefits. Minimize risks.


Law-abiding and compliant business activities are rewarded with benefits that are essential for succesful business in global markets. Customs facilitation, procedural simplifications and duty savings require internal operational compliance. These include, in particular, the structural and procedural Organisation, the expertise of responsible persons as well as sufficient control and monitoring mechanisms. Chromit-Erz Supports you to obtain and maintain These benefits. With proven methods

In return for the trust placed in the economic operators, a constant compliant behavior is expected by the customs administration. However, companies should also have a self-interest in compliance with customs and tax regulations in order to protect their organisations from criminal prosecution, economic crime, devastating reputational damage. Implement effective measures and legally compliant control and defense systems with the support of Chromit-Erz.


Türkiye: More than just a fairy tale of 1001 nights.


Everybody talks about Türkiye, Chromit-Erz takes action: bilingual, know-how in both customs jurisdictions and right on the spot in each market. 

The customs union between the European Union and Türkiye has boosted trade among the markets. Despite the high level of harmonization of regulations and customs procedures the Turkish market and customs handling in Türkiye remain special due to their particularities and practices. Doing business should not be left to Chance. Always consult an expert to be on the safe and professional side.

 With an exclusive liaison office in Istanbul Chromit-Erz is in direct contact and exchange with the Turkish customs administration, public institutions, business partners and customs agents. We represent the interests of European companies in Türkiye.

Chromit-Erz is your reliable and competent partner for trade and cross-border activities with Türkiye.

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